Farm Automation Equip.

AgriVal Agri-Chopper

This is the only chopper that can chop wet or dry, corn stalks or larger square & round bales!

The cutting rotor is made up of numerous rigid blades. Its weight, acting like a flywheel, never sends an abrupt shock to the tractor's power take off.

No gear box, belt or chain is used to drive the rotor, eliminating any risk of un-necessary breakdown
The Agri-Chopper works equally well with rectangular bales of any size.

To turn the Agri-Chopper, the operator does not have to manipulate several cumbersome levers at the same time. Only one lever is required to operate the machine, accessible from the tractor seat.

The blower on the Agri-Chopper-H is equipped with a chute that pivots 360° and can throw material up to 20 feet.

This blower was designed to work equally well with wet hay
as with dity hay. All chain or belt drive systems are equipped with
automatic tightner to minimize maintenance.


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This model currently not available on our lot.

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