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CSF Power Feed Carts

Whether You're Feeding Silage, Haylage or TMR – You Save Money, Time and Back Breaking Labor with a CSF Forager™ Feed Cart.



Electric, self-propelled CSF Forager™ Carts are environmentally clean and super quiet to operate. Reliable for years and years, these rugged Carts have proven to be solid and dependable partners for dairy farmers throughout the world. A vast majority of our Carts are still in use after 25 years. That's reliability you can count on.

You'll save time and labor by feeding your herd in minutes. You might even find yourself feeding more times per day – it's so easy. Purchase a CSF Forager™ Cart and watch it pay for itself in as short a time as the first year – just ask your neighbor who owns one.

You can fill your CSF Cart heaping full to increase the rated bushel capacity. These rugged Carts can handle up to 2000 pounds of feed.  Feed discharges ony when you want it to, allowing you to feed a little or a lot at each stanchion. CSF Forager™ Carts are designed to be safe and simple. No beaters or augers required.

With these quiet-running carts, you can feed up to 45
head of cattle in less than one minute!


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