Farm Automation Equip.

Poly-Tuf Feed Carts

Poly-Tuf Feed Carts - High-strength polyethylene (pronounced poly-ethel-lean) is lightweight and much more durable than plywood, steel or fiberglass. Superior performance has been proven - used for years in heavy-duty industrial applications. Long-life, high-density, food-grade poly is non-porous - resists moisture, silage acids, feed additives and other chemicals.

Extremely tough - resists heat, cold, sunlight and warpage. Excellent stress cracking and puncture resistance - even at extreme temperatures!

Thick-walled, seamless one-piece hopper is extra strong and leakproof - no corners nor seams for feed or bacteria to harbor in

Poly-Tuf 24" Wheel Carts - Rolls easier than a smaller wheel over hay, uneven floors, through mud and snow - especially with heavy loads. Ideal for women - much easier to push Big, heavy duty, air tires (tube type). The cart has rugged, 24" x 2.125 greaseable wheels... four times stronger than bicycle wheels!

Thicker, 3/8" dia., solid, welded spokes won't rust off or bend from animal contact, unlike lighter wire spokes.

Larger, 1" dia., solid, cold-drawn axles.

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