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Patz Bale Chopper

The Patz Model 9427 Chopper can chop straw, hay, newspaper, plastics, and many other materials. You benefit from many years of blower manufacturing experience by Patz plus the proven performance of thousands of blowers.

End shaking straw by hand and get uniform mulching. Save labor and time—chop and spread a bale quickly and easily. Saves straw—each bale mulches more area. Your mulching job will look more professional, too.

To chop materials more finely, you can add a screen with 1/2-inch (13mm) or 1-inch (25mm) holes. Chopper fits in a pickup truck easily—even in a small pickup between the wheelwells. Also, the chopper may be attached to a trailer deck.

The rotor assembly has 20 rotor blades (80 cutting edges) in a spiral mounting to provide fast, efficient cutting. Large 5-inch- (127 mm-) diameter, diecast aluminum spacers reduce wrapping. The 1-1/2-inch- (38 mm-) diameter hex shaft is strong to handle the torque. The rotor speed of 2,850 RPMs cuts at a high-volume rate. There is a double-belt drive to the rotor.

Reverse or replace blades quickly and easily. Simply flip up the hinged deck and remove the rotor shaft. The belts can be easily removed from the rotor shaft pulley. Also, there are no knives to unbolt or bolt together.

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This model currently not available on our lot.

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