Forage Harvesting Equip.

SR 300 SpeedRake Wheel Rakes

The all new Kuhn SR 300 SpeedRake is in a class by itself, combining the transportability of carted wheel rakes with the high capacity and gentle crop handling of folding rakes. A strong central delta frame, cantilevered rake beams, and optional tandem axle provide high reliability in extremely difficult field conditions. The SR 300 is the choice for hay producers who demand optimum harvest productivity.

The 300 Series rakes are sized to fit between the 100 Series and 600 Series models. One model is available with two configurations, the SR 300 – 10, with 10 raking wheels and a working width of 17' 6" – 20' 10", and the SR 300 – 12, with 12 raking wheels and a working width of 20' 10" – 24' 2".

SR 300 machines offer high-capacity raking and produce fluffy, neatly-formed windrows. Individually-floating, spring-suspended rake wheels operate at lower ground pressures, providing cleaner raking. “On-the-go” hydraulic adjustability enhances productivity, and combined with the independent adjustment of the windrow and working widths, it allows the operator to easily alter the working width while raking without changing the width of the windrow. The SR 300 also offers the ability to rake closer to fences and tree lines and allows fast, convenient and stable transport.

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