Manure Handling

Conventional Box Spreader
1100 Series - 320 to 590 Gallons

The rear A-frame and all-welded construction have been the backbone of these spreaders for decades! The reinforced tonge pulls directly from the full-width axle tube, but results in a strong and more stable box which keeps tires aligned compared to competeive box spreaders.

The 1100 series conventional box spreader also offers a uniform spread pattern and material break-up at a controlled spread rate. It spreads a wide variety of solid material with a quick final clean out.

Perfect for penpack, feedlot manure, dairy manure, poultry litter, compost and other materials.

Poly Floor - The high-density, two-piece, solid poly floor reduces friction and winter freeze-down to provide trouble-free service and long life.

This solid floor provides more durability than individual tongue and groove boards and requires less power for unloading vs. alternative floors.

The apron shaft assembly is welded twice as strong as keyed sprockets that some competitive spreaders use and has no keys to shear.

The entire welded sprocket assembly can be easily removed on all models for service or replacement.


The beater assembly on the 1159 model is easily removed or installed to save wear and tear on the beaters when stockpiling manure. The entire beater assembly can be easily taken off or installed in less than 1/2 hour.

The simple roller chain drive for the beater driveline is easily accessible for lubrication and routine maintenance through the pivoting front door.

Built-in convenient hose storage keeps hoses off the ground and hydraulic tips clean to help eliminate oil contamination.


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This model currently not available on our lot.

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