Manure Handling

ProTwin Slinger Spreader
8100 Series - 870 to 4000 Gallons

Benefits of Knight ProTwin Slinger Advantage:

** Even and controlled spread pattern.

** Eliminates material bridging

** Spreads the widest variety of material

** Simple and dependable

** Versatile, multi-purpose farm machinery

Spreads the Widest Variety of Materials ranging from beef
and dairy cattle manure to Industrial and Solid Waste!


This versatile piece of farm machinery handles manure, sludge, industrial waste,
municipal solid waste, bio solids, and many other different kinds of material.

How does it work? Auger moves material forward to the discharge hammers. The slightly raised right auger moves the material rearward while keeping the left auger evenly charged with material. It is this patented circulating action that makes the ProTwin so effective in handling the toughest material encountered in most applications.

Spreader features the patented discharge design includes forge-steel, free-swinging hammers that fold back to absorb shock from most foreign objects.

Trailer & Truck Models Both Available

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