Silo Unloaders

RD-2200 Ring Drive Silo Unloader


Top three reasons why customers prefer the Patz
RD-2200 Silo Unloader:

  -No need to level feed before start-up!

   -High-volume unloading in toughest conditions!

   -Reduced labor costs!

The RD-2200 Silo Unloader combines our aggressive PATZ BLUE Gathering Chain in a ring drive. The basic unit adapts to silos 12 to 24 feet (3.7 - 7.3 m) in diameter by adding a cutter-bar section, gathering chain, guards and blower cap extensions.

Patz Warranty -- Second to None!!
We're so confident of its performance, that Patz offers a 1-year warranty on all RD-2200 Silo Unloaders and a 2-year 100% warranty on all PATZ BLUE Gathering Chain and Sprockets!

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This model currently not available on our lot.

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