Silo Unloaders


Model 98C Surface Drive Silo Unloader

Frozen Silage and Hard Packed Feeds Have Just Met Their Match!

While the 98C works its way to the bottom of the silo, the Patz self-leveling design keeps the silage surface level automatically for reliable operation. Two big 30-inch (762 mm) drive wheels move the 98C across the silage. One wheel pushes and the other pulls. With the cutter bar suspended between the two drive wheels, this keeps the wheels on the same footing as the cutter bar for positive drive. When refilling the silo, the 98C can be raised to the top of the dome above the silo wall providing you with every inch of feed storage.

When you purchase a Patz Model 98C Silo Unloader with PATZ BLUE Gathering Chain and Sprockets, you can expect the following results:

  ** Maximum life expectancy resulting from a more uniform fit between the gathering chain sprockets.

  ** Minimized wear and increased durability thanks to the consistent hardness level achieved through the manufacturing process.

  ** Maximum performance in hard packed and frozen feeds every time by the closed-die forged hardened gathering chain cutters and claws.

  ** High volume delivery for fast feeding resulting in reduced labor costs!

Patz Warranty -- Second to None!!
We're so confident of its performance, that Patz offers a 1-year
warranty on all RD-2200 Silo Unloaders and a 2-year 100% warranty
on all PATZ BLUE Gathering Chain and Sprockets!


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