Silo Unloaders


Volumaxx Silo Unloaders

A ring that's too small or suspended too
narrowly cannot provide efficient traversing
power because it can't keep the unit level
and it can't distribute the power properly.

Only with a correctly- suspended real ring
like VOLUMAXX will you get all of the benefits
of a ring-drive.

Introducing VOLUMAXX, seventh generation of the industry's leading real ringdrive unloader. It's the result of 38 years of experience that began with development of the first ringdrive unloader. It has no "nuisance weights" to adjust in order to keep the machine level. It doesn't rely on a lead auger to do part of the driving of the machine, but does have wide, three-cable, wall-to-wall hexapod suspension.

The whole idea of a ring-drive is to put the power and leveling requirements on the ring and the hexapod so the auger can spend its time doing the job it's supposed to do - that of digging and moving silage with plenty of highly concentrated power. When you try to get along with a "make believe" ring-drive unloader, you get too much wasted power, too many headaches, too much inefficiency and too much wasted time.

POWERMAXX distributor option, which allows you to stretch
your silo up to 35 
percent more capacity!

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This model currently not available on our lot.

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