Horizontal TMR Mixers

Reel Auggie Mixer
Stationary - Trailer - Trk Mount

The Kuhn Knight Reel Auggie feed mixer blends by gently lifting
and tumbling all ingredients of your total mixed ration.

This horizontal mixer promotes higher feed intake which results in a more
profitable dairy and beef cattle herd.

A Mixer Wagon with innovative Reel and Auger Design for your Total Mixed Ration

** Fluffy, more palatable total mixed ration
** Faster, more thorough mix
** Less pressure means less power required, less machine wear, less feed breakdown
** Efficient hay handling capability

Front View Cut-away

The large reel turns slowly, gently lifting material up into the two side blending augers.

The upper auger moves material rearward, while the lower auger moves material forward and servesas the discharge auger.

The TMR Mixer that Mixes the Most Consistent Total Mixed Ration.


Improved ration quality

More consistent hay particle length

Ration flexibility - More uniform TMR

Increased feed palatability

Reduced feed sorting

Trailer-Type Feed Wagon

Stationary Feed Mixer

Truck Mounted Mixer

Also Available: Commercial Reel Feedlot Mixers - 3100 Series

The Commercial SDL Feedlot Series feed mixer blends by gently lifting and tumbling fragile flaked corn and all other feed ingredients. This produces a more palatable total mixed ration with fewer fines ensuring increased consumption and better weight gains for beef cattle. In this feed wagon, the gentle tumbling action of the large-diameter reel works together with the two side blending augers to produce an end-to-end and side-to-side mixing action. This unique combination ensures faster mixing and unloading times and a very thorough mix, even when mixing small batches of total mixed ration.

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