Horizontal TMR Mixers

NEW Oswalt “D” Series Auger Mixers A Family of Mixers You Can Count on!

Since 1952, Oswalt has been defining the standards for feeding equipment. We’ve built our reputation as industry leaders by leading the way in TMR technology.

Oswalt mixers produce superior mix quality and have a proven track record. Oswalt delivers a more consistent and more palatable mix which translates to better feed conversion and better herd health.

Oswalt offers the most value-added features of any auger mixer on the market. What’s more, when it is time to trade up for a new mixer, you’ll find Oswalt to have the highest resale value of any auger mixer!

No matter who you compare them to, Oswalt auger mixers are winners every time! 'D' Series

Incorporating more hay into your ration

Oswalt mixers are superior in their ability to
mix all types of ration ingredients.

When equipped with the optional Hay Saw
Processor, you can mix more hay into your ration.

The Hay Saw is designed to act as hundreds of fingers pulling the slabs of hay apart while ration ingredients are being mixed. It is this pulling action, instead of actual cutting, which helps maintain particle length resulting in a more palatable mix.

Hay Bar Option - The heavy-duty Hay Bar option (standard on Hay Saw units) helps control the flow of material and dry hay into the main auger chamber, assuring proper processing and mixing of all ingredients in as little as three minutes, depending on ration.

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