Horizontal TMR Mixers

Forage Express Mixer

Fresh Fluff - This means big nutritional advantages for lower cost of gain or increased milk
production. ROTO-MIX consistently produces premium quality feed by lifting the ingredients past the lower auger's wedge point, resulting in a fresher, fluffier ration that insures increased consumption.

More Leaf - The gentle tumbling action with the ROTO-MIX system mixes fragile ingredients, such as hay leaves, flakes, and high-moisture grain, without causing excessive damage. More leaf in the mix means more protein to your herd.

Total Mixed Rations - Our thorough mixing action eliminates dead spots and corner pile-up giving you a consistent balance of nutrients from the first pound of feed to the last.

The ROTO-MIX Hay Processor keeps the hay out of the mixing chamber until the knives on
the top auger separate.. not beat.. .the hay. The result is hay, with leaves intact and
distributed evenly into the mix, resulting in fewer incidents of acidosis.

More Nutritious - Conventional auger mixers crush, grind and mash all ingredients, which
create more fines in the bunk... a waste of your feeding dollars. The ROTO-MIX tumbling
action mixes all ingredients, even fragile and flaked, without excessive breakage.

Fines - With the ROTO-MIX mixing system there's less grinding of flaked, and high moisture grain, pellets or other ingredients so you'll have less fines in the, bunk which means less wasted feed... giving you the most for your feed dollars.

Shrinkage - Our unique ability to process baled hay as you need it results in less wind shrinkage when loading and processing. You'll get the most out of your feed ingredients.

Supplemental Flexibility - The thorough mix provided by ROTO-MIX eliminates unpleasant tastes associated with certain supplements, allowing you more options when choosing feed supplements.

Floating Lower Auger - Floating lower auger available with hay processor option relieves
pressure when wet or grassy chunks of hay are inadvertently loaded into the mixer.

Flared Side - The flared side allows feed to tumble out of the rotor speeding up the mixing
action and reducing the chance for feed to get trapped inside the rotor.

Clean-Out - The forward pitch rotor design, adjustable UHMW wiper blades, and the rotation of the lower auger quickly and efficiently clean-out the mixing chamber.

Hay Processor - Adding hay to the ration is easy and convenient. Place the hay in the Hay
Processor on the unit and let it do the work of separating the hay and distribute the long
stemmed material into your mix. The result is hay, with leaves intact and the stem not
continually cut up or crushed.

Patented Double Flighted Top Auger - Helps to hold the hay in the processor to be separated and eliminates "hay balls" from slipping in-between the flights and into the mixing chamber.

Easy Access Doors - The single lever latch makes inspection easy and desirable compared to other little latches or hardware.

Single Point Grease Bank - Allows quick lubrication from a single point. Heavy-duty drive
assembly runs in an enclosed oil bath.

Lower Center of Gravity - A lower center of gravity makes for a more stable unit when
feeding and less shock load when cornering.

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