Vertical TMR Mixers

Verti-Maxx Mixers
Models 5132, 5144, 5156, 5168, VSL 142


Get the Kuhn Knight Verti-Maxx Advantage in your Farm Equipment:

** Simple, dependable, low maintenance drive
** Processes and mixes the widest variety of feedstuffs
** Faster mixing and more efficient bale processing
** Low height for easier loading
** Faster unloading and a more even discharge

Large, two-position hay-cutting knives have the capability to be set out to improve initial processing or set in to
reduce horsepower.

Small, fixed, scalloped hay-processing knives improve final processing with less horsepower, even in tough, grassy hay.

Livestock Equipment that Processes and Mixes the Widest Variety of Feedstuffs
The combination of the twin-augers along with the longer tub length improves processing and mixing compared to single-auger vertical mixers that have a shorter tub length.

Kuhn Knight's Verti-Maxx Versatility Advantage in Farm Machinery:

Round bales
Square bales
All short-cut forages
Grains and concentrates
Bedding and other difficult material

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This model currently not available on our lot.

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