Vertical TMR Mixers

Patz Vertical Mixers
V270 - V300LP - V350 - V420LP - V500 - V615 - V620 - V810 - V950, and V1400


Five models to choose from (300-690 cu. ft.)
Two low profile models for ease of loading and loading flexibilty 1/4" side wall
4pt. electronic scale system for ease of servicing and reliabilty
Industry leading 5-year pro-rated planetary gearbox warranty
Reliable local Patz dealers provide quality service after the sale
Manufactured by Patz Sales, Inc., Pound, Wisconsin U.S.A.
Designed with few moving parts for long life, low maintenance operation


Unloads fast, providing more valuable time to spend elsewhere! Patz Vertical Mixer is faster and more uniform than most other mixers. It cleans out better and now we can mix high moisture baleage.

Exceptional clean-out of mixer! There was no comparison between
the Patz and the other vertical mixers on the market!

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This model currently not available on our lot.

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