Zabel Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

ZC1600, ZC2400

Made with 12ga. steel sections, spanning 30' is no problem. Greaseable 1-1/4" bearings on the drive and tail drums provide for years of trouble free service. You have a choice of 3 different drive types; standard roller chain and sprocket reduction, right-angle worm gear reducer, and direct drive hydraulic motor.

Belt Feeder


16" belt feeder. Heavy steel construction dipped in enamel paint, and greasable bearings will give you years of reliable service. Driven with a #40 roller chain from the jack shaft, positive plow movement is achieved, unlike a twisted 'V' belt and cable system.

16" Center Fill Feeder


Center fill feeder that moves smoothly with less moving parts. A bi-directional valve and orbit motor are used to reverse the travel direction.

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